Call for Bento Box Food Service if you Miss Ghar Ka Khana!

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Hello Bento Souls! In all the skipping lunch and eating out, we are losing out on all the yummy goodness that mom’s cooking used to give us. But Bento Box is going to solve all that by bringing in home cooked food “mommy-style” straight to our doorsteps.

Bento Box provides the perfect platform for customers to order perfectly prepared ‘homely meal’ on a hectic day. Check us out right away! Don’t be surprised, You may be able to find daily new chutneys from your next door grandma that you have been sniffing upon from your window.

Who doesn’t love mom’s home-made food! Yeah, we might have cribbed about eating it when we were young and living at home. But now that we’ve had to move out, and fend for ourself by eating either restaurant food everyday or trying to fix up something on our own, we have finally come to realise how desperately we crave for mom’s food!

We wake up in the morning to head to work. We skip lunch, because most of us don’t have the skill nor the time to prepare anything at that time. We head to some fancy restaurant with our colleagues because we can afford it (barely).

Treat yourself with super delicious Bento menu!

Bento Box

Contact:: 9649491188

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