Celebrate this Diwali with Kaju Katli and Mawa PASTRY!

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Welcome to the second venture of Oven the bakery, surfacing from the glory in Indian flavour bakery products at WTP, Oven the Bakery opens it's new bakery and cafe outlet in C scheme. Sweeping you off your feet with it's exceptional and innovative pastry flavours from past 2 years, now get ready to be blown away by delectable food and beverages only at the C scheme outlet of Oven The Bakery and Cafe.

As our surrounding prepares for diwali, traditional clothes and sweets hit the market, Oven the bakery storms the market with first time ever Indian flavour pastries. Shift from buying ordinary kaju katli sweets, now you get to experiment with kaju katli and mava pastry. Settling taste buds of young and old, the pastries are very light and balanced with favlours. Just like you, we were skeptical of ordering Indian flavours in pastry, but trusts us creamy flavour and chunks of Cashews balsts the pastry into another stratosphere. Gift or eat by yourself, you won't be missing on festive customs and still manage to satsify sweet tooth of everybody around you. 

Before you judge the bakery as a core Indian dessert lover, Oven the bakery holds close to their heart European as well as Indian desserts. A mix of Europe and India is casted throughout the outlet, world map on your right will take you through the history of baking. Admirable is their Mikado, a master piece of taste sensations, base of cake with a twist of crunch from butter scotch chunks. Standing on top is butter cream chcolate, a thick and rich dessert. More on the bakery menu is assorted chocolates filled with hazelnut, almonds, peanutbutter and more salivating fillings. Avaialble retail products are crunchy and sweet cookies in affordable flavours, ready to be used as Diwali presents.

A quick meal option cottage cheese panino was sliced Italian bread and assembled pretty smooth with all the right ingredients, cottage cheese, onion, pesto sauce and grilled making it a big hit! Oven the bakery and Cafe ensures delicious food options with Baked Egyptian Lasanga, covered in cheese and filled with cheese, zuchini and babycorn. Also falling right on flavour was goid coins, 4 pizza coins topped with separate filling, a great munchy. Cinnomon blast is the drink that went smooth with the food, soda with cinnmon stick and syrup for flavour, not much overpowering and blends perfectly with the meal. Delicious!

Whether drinks or desserts, food or cookies, Oven The Bakery is an expert of all. Devour into finger licking good delicacies only in C-Schme at Oven the bakery and cafe.

Oven The Bakery and Cafe
Address- Ground Floor, Landmark Building, Ahinsa Circle, C Scheme
Call- 0141 3391502

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