Cool & Portable Musical Instruments Perfect for Roaming Soul

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Music is the sweetest evolution by mankind that connects people! Wherever you go, music can make it easier for you to meet people and share very special moments with them. But sometimes it gets too difficult to carry an instrument and practice on the road. To help you take your passion on a journey with you, we have hunted 7 small musical instruments at Shiv Musicals that are portable enough for roaming souls.

Here’s a list:


Small when it’s about the size, but huge when it’s about the charm, the Ukulele is a perfect instrument for vagabonds. It’s light, handy and fits in a small backpack.


Taking its name from the Malian phrase for “everyone gathers in peace,” the djembe should help keep your group together, if not spiritually, then at least rhythmically. As soon as you start playing, wherever it’ll be, there’s going to be some folks joining you, either to watch, dance, listen or play along.

  1. BONGO

Curious about hand drumming? Buy your first set of bongos.


Lightweight, cheap, durable, and reasonably easy to play, the harmonica or mouth organ is almost a travel cliché. Quite popular with backpackers, this instrument can be bought very cheaply in almost any music store around the world. It’s a great choice for travel, as it is both small and durable.

  1. FLUTE

A flute can totally rock the stage. You might associate flutes with mystic sounds of folk songs, but their abilities are way wider. There’s a lot of types to choose from, so whatever you pick, you shouldn’t have trouble with fitting it in your bag.


You can make any music fun with Maracas and egg shakers. They are perfect go-to options that can even fit in your tiny sling bag.

  1. Cajon

A box-shaped hand percussion instrument, the cajón is an integral part of Peruvian and Cuban music.  The Cajon's small footprint is great for fitting onto tight stages. The box drum is great for traveling and easy to play yet delivers an abundant palette of sounds.

>> Since nobody wants to run the risk of losing or damaging an expensive instrument, we have focused on models that are relatively low-priced and also easy to play and to learn. So even people who’ve never played an instrument might feel moved to start learning, say, the harmonica or ukulele a few weeks in advance of a trip.

Over to you:

Have you ever taken a musical instrument on a camping trip? And if you do what do you take with you? Comment and let us know.

Also, don’t forget to tag all your travel buddies to start practicing for the next rocking trip! Keep playing! :)

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