Decorate Your World With The Magic Of Hand Block Printing!

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Zig zag, geometric, rosettes, monograms, and animal – have you ever wondered how the detailed patterns on your clothes came to be? One of the oldest methods to create these patterns and designs is known as Hand Block Printing, and the art is literally something special to behold. Moushami Basu with the help of her brand Pracheen Sabhyata takes us through a lost world of art Indian Hand Block Printing.

Moushami works with local craftsmen and created contemporary designs with fabrics decorated in their prints. At Pracheen Sabhyata, you will find a variety of hand printed clothing, ranging from simple single color block prints to vibrant multicolor wonders.

Pracheen Sabhyata is meant to promote everything from hand block print apparel, Home Décor, Jewelry, Accessories, Furnishing etc. anything that is Handmade. It’s all about Indian Culture, Tradition, and Heritage. Even with the threat of modern printing techniques and machinery, hand block printing is alive and well.

The intricate prints and designs of her fabric collection feature a plethora of prints that represented family lines, castes, tribes, sub-sects and much more. The vibrant spread of tumultuous colors, prints and styles are created using special blocks of wood, metal, or stone that are carved into the required designs. The process is slow and tedious, and each painstaking detail takes anywhere from a few hours to days to carve out. If a design features more than one color in it, then separate blocks have to be carved out for each color. The artisan carves out the details with great care.

Their efforts in stocking hand block printed products is a reflection of solidarity with ancient techniques of the loom, being forgotten today, and a testament to the commitment to showcasing the rich tradition in Indian handicrafts. If you’re looking to make a colorful few additions to your wardrobe, they’ve got an assortment of prints as part of our traditional collection.

Pracheen Sabhyata by Moushami Basu

Contact: 9769344630


Written By: Surbhi Bansal

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