Dig out the Best Street Food at City’s On-The-Hoof Eats

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We do not need a reason to hang out at the roadside bhel puri-wala or galgappe-wala. Whether it’s a small break while working in the office, or waiting for friends, we just can’t resist the urge of digging into these not-so-healthy, yet so scrumptious roadside delights!

From weird and wonderful cuisines, Jaipur’s best food markets offer variety and color by the basketful. And recently we hunt down this hidden street food joint right next to the famous Jawahar Circle. We tried several delicacies and here are the best offerings to tuck into.  

Matka Kulfi

Who doesn’t love desserts? Especially, when it a creamy concoction that is delicately fragrant and frozen. Kesar Malai Kulfi is one of the perfect desserts to serve at any gathering because it is unconditionally loved across generations! Cold though it is, kulfi has a way of warming your heart, perhaps due to the spicy overtones of saffron and cardamom or the intense richness of freshly condensed milk. 

Special rabdi chatta

Crushing machines keep churning out the ice, to be merged with various fruit flavors like kala khatta, rose, mango etc! Look out for the seven colors of the rainbow on your favorite gola made from crushed ice laced with sherbets of different flavors and rabdi made out of condensed milk. It is not just a relief from the scorching heat but also a very interesting looking sweet delicacy. The distinct flavor and the irresistible smooth texture this lovely dessert have had us hooked to this delight. 

Pav bhaji

A delicious and wholesome mix of assorted veggies like potatoes, tomatoes, cauliflower, green peas and capsicum along with plenty of onions, ginger and garlic are mashed on a griddle and flavored with a quintessential spice mix known as pav bhaji masala. This vegetarian Indian classic is an all-day hit and a hurried meal for the man in the street. This is truly an innovation that arose out of the necessity of providing a nice hot meal in hurry and one that tickles the taste buds. 

Veggie rolls

Perfectly customized to your taste and enjoyed right off the frying pan! Here, a scrumptious filling of sautéed veggies, spices and noodles perked up with tangy sauces is packed inside this ready-made veggie roll. This vegetarian veggie roll is perfect for a snack or a meal.  

If we've missed something delicious we'd love to hear about it in the comment box below.

Jawahar Circle Food Market

Written by: Surbhi Bansal

Tags: Dig out the Best Street Food at City’s On-The-Hoof Eats, Jawahar Circle Food Market

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