Doodles with Expressive Illustrations by Brushes N Strokes

If you are wondering what to gift your beloved this valentine season, “Doodles” by Brushes N Strokes could possibly be a perfect choice.

Harshi Agarwal, the owner at brushes and strokes is a talented artist who uses multiple techniques to communicate the beautiful world she's created through doodle art. She sketches chronicles and captures memories in a unique way which is hard to forget. Her work actually forms cohesive stories and themes for the viewer.

Harshi has created numerous, beautiful, black and white and color-filled doodle work which is an example of how doodle art can be taken to a different professional level.

The personalized story frames created for all occasion including birthday, anniversary, courtship, wedding etc are both fascinating and unique. The intricate imaginary worlds she creates through her talent further extends to the wall painting, cushion covers, T-shirts, gift boxes, wedding cards and other giveaways. The eye-catching adult sketching book with the mind-blowing amount of detail can add a fantastic visual element to boring old books.

One glance at these beautiful doodles tells you that the artist is definitely onto something special. The designs are thoughtful, confident, and are indeed veritable works of art from a young and enthusiastic creative mind.

Most of the detailed elements and characters in every composition are drawn following random themes from her daily experiences or inspired by things she loves. A natural doodle maestro with pen and ink, her doodle art has attracted the attention of many popular stores and restaurants.

The beautiful doodle work can help you to work through the complexities of life and acts as a remedy for all we find mundane in day-to-day living.

Big things are in store for this talented artist. Find some more of her mind-blowing doodles at her online page.

Brushes N Strokes

Contact: 8107328269


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