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In the space-age where we are totally bemused with the modular living and the advanced technical amenities, we still admire the Royal living, the rubric decor, and the grandiosity in which people earlier used to live. For the people who still want to endure the regal standards of living and demand the articles of those Royal palaces, Havelis and Gharanas-Jaipur has a store of the earth-shattering collection.

Yes, I'm talking about the Yaksh located at the outskirts of Jaipur adjacent to Sky Waltz cafe on Delhi road. The shenanigans and opulence of the furniture, paintings and other decorations of the ancient times at Yaksh are unmatched. The owner of this store quotes that they were always present for the auctions held at various places in India which helped them to preserve such a walloping collection. 

It has an antique, mid-century, modern, contemporary and vintage furniture collection to fulfill all the requirements of the customers. The three storied building is completely filled with antiques either of the ancestral time or created by the craftsmen of the best quality. It is said that "Old is Gold" and the pieces at the Yaksh totally justifies it. Every article at Yaksh either be it painting, furniture, decor or anything has its own story. 

You shall also find the collection dating from our progenitors age, wardrobes used for the storage of precious things by the royal women, the exquisite beds used by the monarchies, boxes known as Sanduks, the kingly dining tables where the royal families enjoyed the lavish meal and everything which gives life to the royal living can be spotted at Yaksh. The purity of the Sangwan wood and its freshness can still be felt. The hoary things over here have been the reason for movies like Ramleela, Bajirao Mastani and many hotels to buy the articles. 

It never ends here as it was only about the furniture but Yaksh has pieces for every corner of your home, office, hotel or any building. There are things which can make your garden adorable. The lanterns which were used at railway stations and the old age Iron can be used to give your place a grey look. There is a good variety of ancient doors which could give your entrance a fascinating look.

Moreover, Yaksh also has a mesmerizing collection of clocks which can make time stand still. The paintings at Yaksh are the perfect partner of the clocks for your drawing rooms wall. Yaksh proudly flaunts its collection of never seen before articles like marble souvenirs, gramophones, grandmas telephones, ancient mirrors, old-age pots and much more.

Take a day out of your busy life and get lost in the blast from the past at Yaksh and decorate your home with the hoary articles and make it talk of the town!

Address: Ground floor, 441 A, 4, Fashion St, Raja Park, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Phone: 09783975612

Author and Picture Credit: Rajat Wadhawan 

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