Exotic MONSOON TRAVEL SPOTS to Make You Dance in the Rain!

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Exotic MONSOON TRAVEL SPOTS to Make You Dance in the Rain!

Monsoon is finally here and we are all ready to heal your Monday blues and make you go crazy with our specifically designed list for Rajasthan monsoon travel.

  • Amber Sagar

Tucked away beyond Kheri Gate and the Anokhi Museum, the upper Sagar Lake can be reached by car.  You can feed fish there during monsoon as the lake overflows with sparkling water, and then start the real adventure by moving on the side path to explore the hidden beauty of lower Sagar. The Lower Sagar is a hidden lake which is covered by huge Aravali ranges; it can be seen neither from front side nor from the City but holds the capacity to leave you spellbound with its beauty during monsoon.

  • Abhaneri

If you are a heritage and nature lover and want to explore history, grab some snacks and get ready for a long drive to Abhaneri. Enjoy the extensive view of the wall steps with water flowing from every side. It is near Bandikui in Dausa District of Rajasthan, located at a distance of approximately ninety-five kilometers from Jaipur, a two to two and a half hour drive. It’s the perfect place to get soaked in the rains and enjoy sipping a hot coffee and hot pakodas.

  • Chandlai Lake

40-year-old inland water body Ramsagar Chandlai Lake which has its own historic and cultural significance. Located approximately 30KM from the Pink City, it is a big tourist attraction especially, for the bird lovers. The lake attracts over 10,000 local and migratory birds every year. You are sure to fall in love with its incredible beauty.

  • Bhimlat

For those who love to get into a flowing stream or stand under that rigorous force of water pouring down from a height, it is almost impossible to resist a visit to a nearby waterfall. Bhimlat falls can easily be called an oasis in the land of desert. Located in Bundi which falls at a favorable distance of 206 km from Jaipur, It is a great weekend getaway.  The water falling from a height of 60 meters and making its way into the sea green lake on the foothills of fall. Amid the dry desert land of Rajasthan, everything along with the gushing water is delightful.

  • Sambhar

A huge 80 sq. Km salt lake with great natural beauty. The Sambhar Lake is known for the production of brine/salt and also houses one of the largest salt manufacturing units in the country. Apart from this unit, you can also flock the Sambhar lake to get a glimpse of the famous 'Shakambari Devi' temple for bird-watching. Flamingoes, pelicans and the waterfowls are commonly sighted at the Sambhar Lake.

  • Karauli

Vivacious Rajasthan often tops the list of places that one wishes to visit in India. The lively state attracts not merely the domestic travelers but travel enthusiasts from all corner of the world. Reckoned to be one of the most religious places in Rajasthan, Karauli is known for its 300 temples. It is situated in the Karauli district of Rajasthan and is about 158kms from Jaipur. 

>> So, plan a quick escape to enjoy the alluring greenery, breathtaking waterfalls and pleasant climate. Don’t forget to take out all those colorful umbrellas, raincoats and boots while making your way to enjoy this best time in Rajasthan.

P.S. Always read the weather forecast first before planning the trip to any of these destinations.

Contributed by: Surbhi Bansal

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