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We turned into kids in a jiff as we placed our foot inside Peek-A-Boo, a multi-brand toy store for children. The products display got us more excited than the kids, Hot Wheels car set, Lamborghini with remote drive, play gun, marvel legend toys, bubble makers, punching bags, Oh! how we wish to be young again. According to us, this shop can get kids and adults crying on the floor, if the desired commodity is not purchased by an entrusted person. 

The brands at Peek-a-boo are internationally famous, games and toys are from Fisher price, Funskool and Chico. Super fun and exciting single toys or a set, every kind of kids entertainment products are available at Peek-a-boo. The toys range is not just fun, but also helps in learning. Modern toys are efficient in memory building process of kids at very small age of 2/3 years. A learning tablet speaks out every alphabet that a kid presses, option for word test is also available. Learning in 21st century is fun and fast. Soft toys, board games, cycles, suitcases, every toy in the world was present at this store in Dubai Bazaar. If we were a kid, we could have possible ransacked the store. 

Being a 90's kid, we never had toy replicas of our favourite superheroes. Today a kid can demand a transformer convertible and it's available at peek-a-boo. Even as adults we were excited to see the functioning, and let's be clear, we ended up thinking of buying it. But the other happening remote control driven Lamborghini with gravity sensor was calling us, so we decided to look at alternatives, yes we had totally forgotten our age. Yellow Lamborghini with full functional radio control looked like a first replica, miniature version for sure. Decision were getting tough. Suddenly a young kid ran towards bubble makers, and we got even more fixated. We managed our lust and started focusing on our real job.

Mother-care products like Breast pumpers, sterilisers, baby holder, all things essential for new mothers is available at the store. Pee-a-boo is a store for kids and adults. T&C applied for adult should be a kid at heart. If your are! This is a store for you. If not! it's a store for your kids. 

Address- Dubai Bazaar, World Trade Park
Call- 8875444484 

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We turned into kids in a jiff as we placed our foot inside Peek-A-Boo, a multi-b