Go French in Jaipur with this Delicious Crepes Takeaway!!

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Are you a French cuisine buff? If so, we’ve found the perfect place in Jaipur to satiate your crepe yearnings 'Creperie' by @DZURT!!

Creperie not only serves the finest of crepes, but, ladies and gentleman, also gives the pleasure to watch food being made. And let’s be honest here-nothing brings more relief than watching what you’re about to eat, being made. You know what are the exact ingredients going in and can always monitor the hygiene of where it’s all made! Something that’s made with such precision definitely has to taste good.

For the Sweet Toothed: They have limited options to choose from for sweet crepes, but all these options are super sorted to give you the best experience while you go into a wonderland with your love (of course we’re talking about the crepes here!) For the ones that love Nutella, the Nutella strawberry crepe is definitely the best option to go ahead with. This crepe is loaded with Nutella which can definitely make things messy! If chocolaty Nutella isn’t what you prefer, one can always try the toffee banana crepe!

Hashtag Breakfast Goals: Don’t fancy the sweet crepes? No worries just go grab some savoury crepes perfect for breakfast. Actually, perfect to devour any time of the day. For the love of ham, opt for La Complete or La Speciale. The way these crepes are loaded with cheese will make you want to jump in straight! Among the vegetarian options, Liban is one of the most famous crepes, which we’d totally recommend if your heart also beats for Lebanese alongside French.

Gulp It Down: Creperie offers a great selection of shakes along with the crepes that are absolutely thick and true to the taste. The best ones among them being all things chocolate and the strawberry shake.

Confused about what to have? Head to creperie straightaway to watch these delicious crepes being made in front of you!

Creperie by Dzurt

Address: Achrol House, Jacob Road, Civil Lines, Jaipur

Phone Numbers: +91 8432224314; 0141 2222549

Author Credit: Priyamvada Vijay

Tags: Go French in Jaipur with this Delicious Crepes Takeaway!!

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