Go on a gastronomic joy ride with 99 types of dosas!

Cuisines: South Indian

Filters: Vegetarian Only

Attributes: Street Food, Food Truck

So many food trucks in the city focus on savory burger, sandwiches and chaat that “Hey Dosa”, with their 99 varieties of dosas, is a much needed breath of fresh air. Whether you like basic masala dosa or go crazy with pizza dosa stuffed with delicious fillings that will take your street food experience to a whole new level. It is perhaps “The Rolls Royce of dosa”. And you don’t get better than that, right?

Hey Dosa offers a drool worthy variety of dosas full of vibrant flavors that really pack a punch. Find them near LBS college, Rajapark every evening 6:00pm onwards and try the special dosas with delightful chutneys if that takes your fancy.

We tried 5 of their signature dosas, here is all you need to know-


Kerala dosa is head and shoulders above any other dosa, already a crowd-favorite this fusion dosa is a cheese lover’s fantasy. A generous filling of paneer, potatoes and cheese elevates kerala dosa to superlative levels. Scrumptious filling and dosa is served separately for a heavenly meal.


Hey dosa is known for the unimaginable wide range of options it encompasses, from run off the mill masala dosa to the most adventurous pizza dosa. It’s crunchy tossed in amul butter, a real pizza replacement and it comes with large quantity of grated cheese to give any normal pizza a run for its money.


Our vote goes to tees maar khan for the flavor of beetroot ensconced in a crisp thin dosa. Comes packed with the most scrumptious filling one could imagine, cheese, corn, potatoes, cabbage and right balance of spice. Add to this a dollop of coconut chuntey and mint chutney to create a hearty meal.


Dosa is probably the most sought-after meal and it gets even better when it’s a fusion delight. The American chop suey has generous stuffing of noodles, corn and cheese, a dosa worth every penny spent.


The crisp round of batter is what happiness tastes like and this dosa with all the non-desi fillings like, mushrooms, babycorn, corn, cheese is a melting pot for dosa fans. The differentiating point is the mixed filling giving the usual dosa a touch of modernization.

For those who want to seek these delectable snack head to Hey Dosa in rajapark. You can even book them for you parties and outdoor catering.

Hey Dosa

Address: Near LBS college, Rajapark

Call: 9929020824

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