Have you been to the the biggest Cafe in City l City Heights

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And just when you thought life was boring, it springs up an awesome does of excitement. 

Presenting you Jaipur’s very own dose of excitement and awesomeness. The Biggest Cafe of Jaipur, City Heights. | A-6/1, Avenue 8, Lal Bahadur Nagar, SL Marg, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur 

About City Heights: 

The space. Its damn huge! Trust us, when we say that. And to add to it, the ambience has been done brilliantly. 

The entire cafe gives you that urban feel. Despite of the enormity of the cafe, the ambience compliments the size! The decor is kept simple yet modern which adds to the entire appeal. 

And then there are three sections- outdoor sitting, indoor sitting, and the banquet. While if you choose to park yourself in their Outdoor area, you won’t ever would want to leave it! 

Scrumptious Cuisine 

About the food, well the menu is extensive with options for foodies from all walks of life. With an introduction of a new menu with Continental & Indian Dishes. It has an Extensive menu, amazing, good service and great music; it’s got the perfect combination of everything! 

It's a delighted place for Vegetarians, as they have come up with a new generation Vegetarian cuisines, so cravings for pure Vegetarian food can be satisfied here.

A good place for family dinner as well as hanging out with friends! 

We strongly recommend City Heights to everyone who craves for a different experience, let it be in terms of ambience or some amazing and delicious food!

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