An abundance of gastronomical delights of Asia!
Gear up as your taste buds are up for an oriental fiesta because Jaipur Marriott has introduced Flav
Simply the most yum drinks around this summer.
There's something about summer in Jaipur that brings out the icy cold, brain-freezing Slurpee-lo
Sunday Swim and luxurious brunch to beat the heat
Marriott has opened the doors on a fantasy Sunday brunch buffet at their fine-dine restaurant Okra w
Monsoon Special High Tea Menu by Jaipur Baking Company!
Jaipur Baking Company introduces MONSOON TEA HIGH: A leisurely afternoon meal with choice of In
Street Food from 18 countries under one roof!
TAG your FOODIE FRIEND who can’t resist street food and inform her about this fest! Jaipur
The only place to enjoy Flavor packed grilled seafood!
Can’t be bothered to light up the grill this winter? Get smoky BBQ perfection at Marriott Jaip