Jaipur Street foods we can't live without!

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Within a circumference of 100m from Statue Circle are situated Jaipur’s beloved snack joints. These kiosks have become an essential part Jaipurites life. From employees to business man, students to teacher, the kiosks are satisfying hungry souls of all genre. You might have guessed them by now, the three famous snack joints of Jaipur. Let the cravings start-

Saras parlor booth no 182.

From statue circle take the exit towards park prime, if you see every car around you at halt and honking, irrespective of the busy street. This is the outcome of delivery inside car by saras parlor. What could saras parlor offer? Doodh, chaach, lassi nope! Booth No. 182 has crossed barriers; the best coffee of Jaipur is prepared at this booth. Take a sip, if you have doubt! Cold or hot, with ice cream or without, this is Jaipur’s legacy and you should be a part of it.

Aunty’s Café

The game is in the name. Serving utterly delicious Pav Bhaji continuously to a huge number of customers is no child’s play. Aunty’s café has done this effortlessly and brilliantly for over 10 years and is thus, a delight for Pav Bhaji lovers. Spicy bhaji with butter floating on top, served with lemon and onion is irresistible when eaten with hot soft buttered pav. Get the goodness delivered in your car or sit on plastic chairs placed right on the street. Visit during the evening to enjoy the warm sunset with some utterly delicious Pav Bhaji only at Aunty’s Cafe.

Lala Ji Famous gol gappe

Pani puri- Gol Gappe- Puchka the names are different, but the essence of the taste is similar. Lala ji gives you enough reason to love every name of this street snack. Lala ji Famous Gol Gappe is a small stall located close to Aunty’s Café in C- Scheme exclusively for Chats and Pani Puri. Moong Dal, ataa, suji varieties of puchkas available with tangy pudhina and sweet tamarind water. And yes, you miss the extra whole bunch of fun if you forget to ask for a plain puri topped with aloo and soaked in sweet mixture at the end. Also famous for dahi papadi, both the snacks are a must have when you head out to C-scheme.

There is everything on this Food Street in Jaipur that you definitely want to eat. Go warm your belly with these savoury snacks and end with a glass of coffee. Only at C- Scheme.

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