Laal Maas Burger only at Thirsty Owl

Cuisines: Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Continental, Lebanese, North Indian

Filters: Non Veg, Outdoor seating, Home Delivery, Dine-in

Attributes: Lively, Sheesha/Hookah

To all you laal mass lovers of Rajasthan, how galvanised are you to try a laal maas burger ? The lone place serving your cravings is situated in Vaishali by the name Thirsty Owl. Specialities offered at the cafe are undeniably new and untouched by other restaurants. Submerge into the dainty oriental and continental food, Chinese dessert, or experimental dishes only available at this multi-cuisine cafe. Thirsty owl is certainly building it's name soon in the finest eateries of Jaipur.

Thirsty Owl cafe has a very short comic strip story parallel to the weird yet catchy name 'Thirsty Owl'. 7 featured owl characters of the comic story are hand painted on the cafe wall. Many characters will strike a cord with all of you, they feel more like a person and far easier to connect with. Thirsty owl is certainly the prominent character & can be seen juggling bottles at the bar, Mr cop is a person bored of his 9-6 job and ends up at the cafe everyday to relax and relish. Sassy is a fashion-model and Tipsy is that one friend who gloats about drinking a lot but ends up getting high in a shot. Other characters are angry, hungry and the jointy, of course jointy is a weed lover and savour the food at thirsty owl, after puffing a joint or two. The short story revolves around how all the characters end up at thirsty owl everyday to have a euphoric time. Gala time is an assurance by thirsty owl for these characters and you!

When we say you will have a gala time, enhancing your experience is the cafe interiors, spread across massive dimensions, the cafe has an indoor, outdoor and roof top sitting. Indoor is decked with the hand painting of thirsty owls and other curious exhibits like colourful drawers, urging you to pull a drawer and find a hidden treasure. Let's us know what you find! The owl tree is also the highlight with owl fridge magnets enveloping the tree. Everything inside generates curiosity and you would want to know more about it. Feel free to ask! 

Couples you get a space made of single wooden-planks, with breathless view of Pink city, only available in outdoor section. Covered with high ceilings made of iron and decorated with thick hemp ropes. Only time we were tempted to be mogli and wished to climb up the suspended vertical ropes. But we aren't gifted with such skills, hence chose to stay close to ground. Enjoy your sheesha at the rooftop with an even better view of the city. This cafe is absolute in terms of ambience. 

Let's not make you wait more and showcase our best eats from the cafe!

Laal Maas Burger
Unquestionably a go-to choice for laal maas lovers and we know there are many in Jaipur. The bright red colour of meat in laal maas burger makes it extremely appetising. Yes the maas is juicy, tender and spicy just like you desire it to be, only deviation it rests in a long bun. Lack of crunch is wiped out with pickled cucumber, tomato, onion and lettuce. Served with french fries and house salad. A complete meal to satisfy your ever so hungry stomach.

Puff's retreat
Layout of the dishes is acutely appealing making us delve into them instantly. Pick up a nacho loaded with cheese sauce, chopped bell peppers, onions and baked beans, stuff in your mouth, fresh nachos are crunchy and spot on with tomato salsa. Stack your nachos with salsa dip to get maximum satisfaction. A little extra cheese sauce will do wonders to these nachos.

Mexican Red Wave
The slices are straight from Mexican lands, full of bell peppers, red chilli, jalapeno, onions and olives. This wood fired pizza had a perfectly charred crust with no overdo of pizza sauce or cheese. There was a great ratio of melted cheese to sauce on the base. doing justice to the Pizza. Order this and see it disappear in under 2 mins!

This sweet and sour drink is served in small jars, and will surely make you doubt the quantity, but fear not it's 200ml and enough to go with your meal. As we took a sip, citrus flavours of orange and lemon hits our taste buds and stays there for a long time. If you reach for refreshing drinks which are mostly high on citrus, this should be your pick!

Darsan and vanilla ice-cream
Undoubtedly the hero was this Chinese desserts. Kudos to the chef for presenting Jaipur with pristine and striking dessert darsan. Lift the fried spring roll sheets, scoop a little vanilla, and place heaven in your mouth. Sweetness of honeyed sheets, topped with sesame seeds goes in a perfect harmony with vanilla ice-cream, neutralising sweetness of honey. Such a clever dish is toughest to crack and Thirsty Owl has made it happen. If we are gaining a kg more, it's only because of the scrumptious delicacies at the cafe.

So like us, if you stay awake till midnight, basically if you are an ullu and in the wee hours you end up thirsty for all things good in life, specially food. Then surely you are a Thristy owl. This cafe supports your thirst for good food, in fact fulfils it from 11AM to 11PM. All you thirsty owl's go visit your paradise at B-89, 3rd Floor, Gautam Marg, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur.

Thirsty Owl
Address- B-89, 3rd Floor, Gautam Marg, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur.
Call- 0141 3319503

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