Landscape Studio- A museum and a library for architects

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Building your own home involves huge costs with architects and designers doing justice to indoor area to ensure your home is reflection of you, but barely acknowledging the outdoor space which constructs the first impression of your house. Thankfully, we stumbled upon Landscape Studio who cares to modify the features of your outdoor space, transforming a drab outdoor into effortless beauty that invites the entire neighborhood to appreciate its elements of artistry.

What is a landscape studio?

A room for architects to learn, a shop for homeowners to buy ornamental beauty for their outdoor space, a studio that lets you visualize the impact of an element when added to the real space.

Landscape studio is India’s first ever studio that allows clients to finally realize how an ornament whether outdoor lights, dramatic fountains, gazebos or statues will add to the aura of your space. The attractive space at Landscape studio challenges outdoor spaces and achieve beautiful, functional results.

Until now we were trying outfits before purchase, with landscape studio one can envision the entire outdoor set up before making huge investments, now make sure what you are designing is actually coming to fruition.

 Before building a new house embrace the breathtaking ideas, ornaments, designs and maybe use some of the astounding pieces from landscape studio to build your space incredibly detailed and incredibly immersive.

By appointment only!

Landscape Studio

Address: Landscape studio, Riico Industrial Area, Mansarovar, Jaipur

Call: 0141-4108439/ 9799384857

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