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Chocolate is nature's way of making up for everything right or wrong. So when you cannot buy happiness buy chocolate because that's kind of same thing. Our hunt for the richest deal ended with Sakshi and her palatable baking skills being showcased by her startup: Bake My Day which offers fondant cakes, chocolates, cake pops, cookies, Brownies, Muffins, cupcakes, Pudding and Puffs.

Sakshi's home is like a dessert factory with bags full of nuts, kilos of chocolates and magic in her hands. She believes in serving quality, fresh, eggless and not stored, old, cold desserts. Her mother has been an inspiration for baking and serving people.  She deals in permutations and combinations when it's about serving that unusual flavour that we miss in our usual bakeries.

How about having chocolate shots this weekend made by Bake My Day? Love the crunchy sweet hazelnut brownie? Ever heard of having a frost-less cake? How do you fancy a fusion of strawberry and caramel encapsulated in a form of pizza with your favorite toppings?  Have we set your tongue fluttering already?

But be patient till we explain you the wide range of chocolates available both in pralines and truffles? The stuffings are luscious with natural orange, dark chocolate, hazelnut, Nutella and strawberry.

All the desserts baked by her are completely eggless.

Our favorite desserts?

Cake pops, surprisingly delicious. It was flavoured with chocolate ganache and strawberry. The fluffy dark chocolate covering made the very first bite of it worth it.   

Talking about mixing the best flavours, it was the frostless caramel cake. We never thought a creamless cake could taste better than what the famous bakeries in the city serve us. A lovely amalgamation of hazelnut, topped with walnuts made it look spectacular.It was so subtle and aromatic, a real treat for the taste-buds.

Doesn’t that sound like pure indulgence served to you on a plate? It’s all about the love for pure, non-artificial and just yummy sweet stuff. You can get your own customized cake and enjoy it.

The next time you’re craving for a mouth-watering sweet treat, you now know that you have to call the talented lady of Bake My Day, right?

Address: D123A, kamla bhawan, kailash marg, bani park, adjacent to laxmivilla apt., Jaipur.

Contact: 09413968558

Author Credit: Shruti Gupta


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