Making your own dosa has never been so easy!

Cuisines: South Indian

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Preservative free Dosa Idly Batter is the best option available for creating light and healthy Idly-dosa in less than 10 minutes and is easy enough for the busiest people to prepare. Experience an authentic taste of South India through DIB! Call for Delivery anywhere in Jaipur: 9829066014

If you can't cook for life, have no fear. Rather than resort to takeout, why not save money and put your kitchen to use by whipping up an epic and easy home-cooked meal? With Dosa Idly Batter cooking is as easy as it gets, whether you are home-maker, a professional, a college student this product is designed to save your time in the kitchen and create delicious meal in 3 easy steps.

1) Open the packet

2) Whisk a little in a bowl

3) Make your own classic dosa or idly in less than 10 minutes

Consider your weeknights saved! Thanks to DIB

Does the product outrun your expectation?

A guaranteed yes! Try and test yourself, we bet you can’t stop eating once you taste the delight and will look forward to ordering again and again for a fuss-free and delectable meal. No sambhar, no chutney, this dosa in itself is a simmering meal that sticks to your bones.

This easy to make Dosa Idly Batter will fill your heart and stomach with happiness and the easy cook will give you a peace of mind too! Order NOW!


Call for delivery: 9829066014

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