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Reviving the home-made pickle back to life is Desi Delights, who live for the quest for the perfect ingredients and best pickle recipes to invent irresistible, finger-licking good pickles. Their varied pickle creations are endless and the abundance of delicious flavors will instantly make your mouth water, an ultimate treat for all pickle admirers. Now you can self-select your favorite pickle without getting out of your payjamas and relish them in the comfort of your home.

Home-made pickles is a tradition we have forgotten to cherish, Desi Delights intents to bring back the culture of indulging in homemade pickles and eliminates the manufactured pickles with their best quality, made with love pickles, available at an affordable price.

Desi delights is a brand adding to the penchant for unique inventions and selling them online. Aam ka achaar, ker ka achar, lemon chutney, kair ka murabba, vada pao chutney and more will make you miss the pickles made by nani and dadi. The authentic homely taste demands you to cherish this quintessential Indian treat.

Now you can also settle those cravings of bizarre pickle concoction during pregnancy with these quality made pickles, most importantly you can order it online while staying comfy in your bed. Desi delights also provides pre and post pregnancy ladoos with medicinal qualities stuffed with essential nuts, ghee and everything delectable to make both mother and baby healthy.

Desi Delights introduces anytime pick me up pickles in all time favorite seasonal flavors simplified to the essentials. Various kinds of ladoos are also available to fight off the winter blues. Place your orders now and receive swift home delivery.

Desi Delights

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DesiDelightsIndia/

Call: 9414042128

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