Mouthwatering Eid Dishes Everyone Must Try!!

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Eid is the occasion of celebration not just for Muslims but for every foodie as well because of the mouth watering delicacies!!

Be it appetizers, main course or dessert, these dishes are going to make your mouth water for more.

We Swing in The Celebration of Ramzan in the Walled city of Jaipur. You can smell festivity in the air and devotion on faces. We are literally ‘spoilt for choices’ during iftar feast.

Ramganj Bazaar is equivalent to the Char Minar & Jama Masjid . City’s most authentic Mughal cuisines are found here. Spicy biryani, haleem, kebab but most of all Sheermal (traditional flatbread).

M M KHAN HOTEL and Madena Hotel are the two spots to serve best flavors. Here are some that you must definitely try this Eid.

1. Sheermal

The Persian tradition is at once apparent even as you take your first bite of the slightly sweet bread. There is the richness of saffron, of milk and ghee mixed into the dough. Both saffron and a tinge of sweet in the bread are giveaways to this Persian connect.

2. Haleem
There's nothing as delicious as well-cooked haleem. A delightful mix of grains and meat. It is cooked over a slow fire for long hours, so that by the time it is done, the dish is a creamy mash redolent with the flavours of meat, grain and spices.

3. Shami Kebab
The melt-in-mouth kebabs made with minced mutton and a melange of heart-warming spices are a treat you won't want to miss.

4. Firni
A wonderful, creamy dessert made with ground rice combined with milk, cream, sugar and some saffron strands. This superb dessert is also available here in rose flavor.

5. Gud Ki Jalebi
This melt-in-the-mouth delicacy needs no description. The best part is that gud is used in place of sugar which gives it a different delectable taste.

Give your taste buds a chance to drool over the authentic Ramzan delicacies. These Eid Dishes would taste even better when shared with loved ones!!


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