Naturally scented candles for every mood!

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Winter is set to bring chilly darkness to our days, add a little light and warmth to your space with Aroma candles from Bhrti Home Décor, one of the only manufacturers of natural candles in Jaipur. The candles combine visual beauty with soft, flattering light and add a good dose of delicious fragrance. At Bhrti Home Décor you can create your own customized blend of fragrances or buy from the already existing stock of 8 beautiful fragrances.  These scented candles are economical and environment friendly and not made of paraffin wax. Set a pleasant mood with sweet fragrance and add delightful addition to your surroundings with natural candles.

Most of us associate candles as a source of light, but these aroma candles really helps in elevating mood. Feeling tired? Look for candles with lemon grass the scent helps in fighting fatigue. Lemon grass is known to promote feelings of peace and tranquility. Trouble sleeping?  buy a small natural lavender candle, light it in the room and don’t forget to blow it off before you fall into a peaceful good night’s sleep. Lavender also helps in lifting stress. And for those candle lit dinners any fragrance will do good. Choose from the existing fragrances of Rajnigandha, Lavender, Mogra, Jasmine, Lemon grass, Sugandha, Green apple and Musk only available in natural Wax at Bhrti Home décor.

100% bio-degradable soy wax and hypo-allergenic bees wax is used to create these natural candles. Soy and bees wax candles are non-toxic, and are much healthier for humans and pets since they are made of vegetable oil and honey bees.  Another of its quality is, it burns longer than paraffin wax and the candle scent throws extremely well. Go eco-friendly and buy easy to use, highly convenient candles that can provide tens of hours of uninterrupted light.

Bhrti Home Décor has many different shape sizes and fragrances in candles, for you to order. You can ask them to put the candle in unique glass and wooden containers that perfectly matches your home décor. Single purchase or bulk orders both are acceptable. Though customization is only available for bulk orders.

Natural scented candles can be your next home décor accessory or use as the sweetest holiday or birthday gifts for just about anyone. Buy now from Bhrti Home Decors website or Facebook page.

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