Pixie Dust- The current favorite Home-Baker of Jaipur!

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Prove your love! Take a bite of this dessert and give the rest to your beloved. WE DARE YOU!

This Home based baker is locked and loaded to strike the best of 5-star bakeries in Jaipur with her master weapons (DESSERTS) and her unparalleled baking skills, that has compelled us to bend the knee and praise THE NEW QUEEN OF BAKERS- PIXIE DUST!

WARNING! Once you eat the delights there is not turning back! Pixie Dust will literary turn your current favorites bakers to dust. The magic lies in their submissive taste and inch-perfect presentation of every fit-for-the-gods desserts, one bite and you will be on our side.

Desserts so heart-achingly good we were unregretfully drawn to finish all the below mentioned treats without even a tinge of feeling full or satisfies. Trust us you can resist trying one, if you plan to order just call for all!


This cranberry cheesecake is so light and delicious on flavor, the cranberry adds a tinge of tanginess to the sweet cream cheese. PIXIE DUST is the only place that serves this exotic flavor. Order a cake. And binge eat the entire thing. RECOMMNEDED!


Tackle your Monday blues with a bunch of assorted donuts from Pixie Dust. Order a box of assorted donuts topped, stuffed and slathered with impossible flavors like cinnamon, chocolate, caramel and more. One of the best donuts we have had by far in Jaipur.


What’s new? Try to find out! The flavor is so distinct it reminds you of the basic pineapple pastry with a rich feels owning to its classy presentation.


This is a celebratory dessert with chocolate hazelnut filling that boasts of the professional touch that Pixie Dust brings in all her unique desserts. A light, fluffy chocolate mousse spread over a chocolate hazelnut shortbread crust. The memorable flavor will make you fall in love with this home-baker.

The possibilities of desserts at this home-baker are endless, just think of a dessert you are craving for and Pixie Dust will create it with perfection in flavor and taste. Order now for a taste of heaven.

Pixie Dust

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/iam.pixiedust/

Call- 9829056255/ 7300298855

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