Samrat V/s Sardar Ji- Choose Your Favorite Kachori Wala

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There  is no surprise as to what makes these two different kachoris wala’s the most beloved of Jaipur, Samrat and Sardar ji are the two names that clicks one’s mind when craving for piping hot Kachoris. Both have their unique factor and have been able to outgrow themselves over the past years, and us Jaipurites are divided over who makes the best Kachori, let’s put an end to this age old war as we let you decide the ultimate winner. Here are the Steve Jobs and Bill Gates of Kachori-

SARDAR JI, Nehru Bazar

Sardar Ji is the oldest of Kachori walas in Nehru Bazar and from the ever so vibrant store one could judge its strong hold over Jaipurites. Special aroma of these deep fried round wonders will tease you with your very first step inside Nehru Market, it requires great resistance power to ignore and pass. The addiction is because of its significantly unique taste of alluring hing acquired straight from Amritsar, combined with moong and urad dal, kalimirchi, cloves, javitiri and the legendary Hing kachori takes birth. Combine this delicacy with green chutney and emli chutney for highest pleasure; people literally drink chutney at this place. With this delightful snack tag along rose milk another of Sardar ji’s specialty, prepared with rose syrup and milk, topped with loads of dry fruits. This is certainly a drink from heaven and Sardar ji managed to get the recipe to earth.


SAMRAT, Chaura Rasta

If you haven’t stopped by Samrat for a morning snack then you might as well hide your face in shame, before Jaipurites start to judge you for your belongingness to the city. A dear and favored store of Jaipur is always buzzing with localities in the early morning hours, kachoris are thrown fresh out of kadai one after the other as the orders keep coming every second. If you really wish to see the craze of these kachoris and enjoy its flavors visit Samrat at 6:30am, you will get to relish on fresh and hot kachoris and the jubilant crowd will add to your experience. Dal kachori, pyaaz kachori and above all the dahi kachori grabs you by your taste buds and makes sure you long for more.

These two are like Dc v/s Marvel, strong competition and extreme followers. Choose your favorite amongst the two. We strongly believe both are legendary kachori walas, residing in the heart of every Jaipurites.

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