Savour Cheela on the Go, at Culcutti Chat Bhandar

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Sometimes the smallest things give us more joy than the big things. If you are in the mood for some vegetarian omelet where should one head to? That’s right! By vegetarian omelet, I mean the plain, old ‘Besan ka Cheela’. Culcutti Chat Bhandar nestled between Secretariat and Rajasthan High Court, opposite SBBJ branch on Vaniki Path in C Scheme is one stop shop for decadent Besan ka Cheela in your very own Jaipur!

They dish out the best Cheelas I have ever tasted served with an array of chutneys – the Green Mint, the famous Lahsoon ki chutney and sweet Imli chutney creates the perfect melody of taste. Plus, they authentic, fresh and homemade! They also serve Dahi and Daal (whole black lentils) as sides too, the perfect lunch for people in a hurry! One may notice that the service is as good as the food served here. Guess what, they even give you take away at your request.

The other item one can relish here is Dahi Vada which is as good if not better than the Cheelas. This quaint little street is a hidden gem right under our noses, so don’t forget to visit Culcutti Chat Bhandar next time whenever you are in the close vicinity. You most definitely will not regret it!! 

Author and Picture Credit: Paroma Sharma

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