Shop Carefully Crafted Home Décor Items at this Exhibition

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Last 2 days left to treat yourself with some scrupulous handcrafted home accessories at JKK.

Crafts of India is a one of a kind exhibition to find authentic home furniture and inexpensive décor items skillfully shaped my local artisans who take the extra time and effort to make something just right for your home.

The exhibition is showcasing a massive range of hand-crafted colored glass lamps with a rock-bottom price tag to help you easily refresh your space with new lighting. You can also without a doubt invest in traditional wooden tables with detailed craftsmanship that are designed to last and provide a rustic charm to your house.

Crafts of India is a great platform to discover a wide variety of classic ceramic dinnerware and blue pottery bottles in a variety of colors and styles that are good for home or café use. The diversity and unique quality in each and every kitchen ornament makes it beautiful and useful, the craftsmen’s ever-evolving technique gives them a personal touch.

You ought to be here to check out the indigenous miniatures that will capture your heart and inspire your home. From brass auto-riskshaw to miniature dining table set, you can’t turn your back on these cute little décor necessities.

Do keep your weekend available for Crafts of India exhibition.

Crafts of India

Address: Jawahar Kala Kendra, JLN Marg

End Date: 18th June

Timings: 11:am-9:00pm

Tags: Shop Carefully crafted Home Décor items at this Exhibition, crafts of india

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