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There are few things in life that are just so very important and dear to our heart and if those things get damaged or worn out, you just don't have anyone to repair it. 

Bringing you KeyZone, a unique service provider who are dedicated to nothing but your car keys. Yes, you are reading it right! They have realized how important a car and its elements are to its owner and probably everything of the car can be repaired by professionals but when it comes down to its keys.. there's none but just KeyZone. is one website which you need to bookmark because you will either need it now or surely in future and when you will need it, you will end up searching entire Google with no help. 

A one-stop-solution for you to replace your key body or your keypads. Here's what they do:

If your key is damaged or worn out?

Replace the remote key shells / flip key shells / smart key cases available on If your cars’ remote key casing is damaged, cracked, worn-out or flip is not working properly then Keyzone provides various replacement key bodies, which you can purchase and give your key a new look with a simple procedure to follow.

If your key has a broken keypad?

Replace the keypads available on And let us tell you they sure do for, the keypads fixed on the keys are made up of rubber which gets damaged, cut or deteriorated with time. The most common cause of this damage is that most people press the buttons with their nails pointed toward the button which cuts the soft rubber; leaving you as clueless as a 2-year old, thus helping you out to prevent any further damage to the key.

Replacing the damaged keypad is undoubtedly important as not only for cosmetic purpose but also to save the internal remote circuit board from dust and water, which can cause permanent damage to the remote circuit.

That small key holds the power to make your car engine roar or never wake it up at all. And you better take care of that

Email your cars’ keys’ images on or Whatsapp on 9574377444 to find a product suitable for your requirement.

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