Spring Roll, Pizza or Cheese: Dig Into 111 Varieties Of Dosa

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Spring Roll, Pizza or Cheese: Dig Into 111 Varieties Of Dosa At Dosa Affair

Are you bored of the same old masala dosa? Jaipur’s favorite south-Indian food truck, ‘DOSA AFFAIR’ is now also an outlet serving 111 types of fusion dosas especially made on charcoal sigri. 

For all you dosa lovers out there, Check out DOSA AFFAIR  for a variety dosas that are something more than just potato stuffing inside. From a pizza dosa to one that’s stuffed with American chopsuey, they have it all! You’re going to be spoilt for choice. They have somehow managed to maintain the authenticity of the dosa while whipping up these crazy fusions.

Their best-selling dosa is the Ranchi Royal Dosa that comes with spicy masala chutney spread all over, with some veggies and is stuffed with loads of cheese. The presentation of their Pizza dosa which comes with all things pizza except the base that’s a dosa is apparently really good as the dosa is cut into triangular pieces that are placed on the plate and are topped off with some more grated cheese. 

All their dosas are served with three chutneys, a coconut one, a tomato one and pudina chutney. Other favorites at Jaipur Special Dosa, Paneer angoori Dosa, Dilkhush Dosa, Spring Roll Dosa, and the Jini Dosa that has the most beautiful presentation.
So, if you love experimenting with food, you’ll definitely enjoy the wide variety of dosas in their menu.


Contact: 9660581871

Address: Dosa affair, F-153, amrapali marg, Behind community hall, Near DAV school, Jaipur

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