Street Food from 18 countries under one roof!

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Jaipur Marriott brings to you World Street Food Festival at Okra. Enjoy an array of street delight from 18 countries of the world under one roof. HURRY! The festival end on 30th August.

Stop obsessing over food on television and Instagram, and head to Marriott as they fulfill every foodies dream of indulging in world street food without the need of flying to 18 countries. Stop by at Okra to explore this theme festival which offers Bibimbap, Sushi, Piadina, Banh mi, canapé and more scrumptious treat from around the world served in street food style to make the experience more enriching.

Okra is all alive and vibrant with décor that renders vibes of various countries adding to the theme of the festival. Street food snacks of 8 different countries are presented every day at their live food counters, along with a live dessert counter that churns out day’s special dessert from a country far off.

We got to indulge in streety delights from Italy, Vietnam, Korea, France, Malaysia, Greece, Japan and our very own Gujarat. Khandvi, DHokla, methi pakode, sandwich dhokla and more were served at the live food station of Gujarat; interestingly the entire Indian main course was also dedicated to the state of Gujarat.

If you wish to try out new dishes then this world street food festival is meant for you! Go and experience flavors from all around the world and let us know how good it was!

Jaipur Marriott

Address: Ashram Marg, Near Jawahar Circle, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Call: 0141 456 7777

Price: 1399+ taxes



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