Street Snacks that stir craving and contentment

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Do yourself a favor and go to Amrapali marg, food stands here essentially form an unofficial outdoor buffet every evening 5PM onwards. The buffet includes Crispy egg rolls, best momos, burger on wheel , hot and spicy pav bhaji, yummy gol gappas, all these streets snacks are rarely prepared at home. We have saved you the task of looking for the best food stands on Amrapali Marg, here’s our favorites-

Burger Buggy

The regular evening throng suggest that Burger buggy has hit upon a successful formula. Sardar ji greets every customer with a sweet innocent smile and accepts multiple orders for the ever so delicious Special Juicy Burger.  This juicy burger comes in soft buns with a regular potato patty, so what is it that makes this a huge hit? It’s the many sauces that offer a fine taste to Special Juicy burger and sardar ji won’t reveal the recipe or name the sauces. I guess  some mysteries are better left unsolved.

Karan Hot Fish Fry

So we Jaipurites crave for a momo wala that is truly authentic and knows how to prepare decent chutney. Finally we found one at Amrapali marg, it’s Karan Hot Fish Curry. Crowd loves the non- veg street snacks by Karan from chili chicken, chicken momo to chicken fried rice, everything is a hot seller. We took a plate of steamy hot momos. Yes it had appropriate filling, Yes it was steamed evenly. And a final nod to the spicy hot chutney that we had been craving. This is THE momo wala!

Richie Rich

Very well known for its famous egg, chicken, veggie rolls is Richie Rich on Amrapali Marg. Our suggestion is the egg roll, you can opt for single or double egg, and stand on the side to enjoy the process.  Everything is prepared live and it’s exciting to watch, basically this is the most important part of any street food journey.  Egg rolls are a roti-like stuffed fried flat bread, the vendor takes small soft dough and in a couple of quick spins and slaps, it happens blindingly fast, the dough turns translucently thin. He then fries over a iron pan and pours egg on one side then flips it occasionally until it’s golden brown on both sides. The filling is noodles, veggies and some homemade sauces, it’s absolutely finger licking good. You may also go for chicken roll or veg roll, they are equally delicious.

We hope this Amrapali food guide induced hunger and a desire to visit! Let us know your true experience.

Address- Amrapali Marg, Vaishali Nagar

Tags: Street Snacks that stir craving and contentment

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