Suadre l Personalised Style Studio for Men

The cardinal rule about fashion is that you wear for what you are and not for what you want to look like.  

Often the most underrated aspect of our personality, what we dress speaks volumes about us.  And thus it is important that we accept and pay heed to it. But among the plethora of options that we have which is that one option that we can choose that will help us accentuate our personality.  

Helping you,  stand out from the crowd, is Suadre | Your Personlaised Style studio

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Address: 2nd Floor, B-9, Roop Vihar, Swez Farms, New Sanganer Road, Jaipur |  09929110231

Suadre is probably the only men's brand in Jaipur that gives you the opportunity to custom make your fashion garment with customisation in every aspect right from the choice of fabric to the design. 

Founded in 2017, Suadre is one of it kind men’s clothing and styling label in India based out of Jaipur. 

They are on a mission to bring a blend of sophistication, elegance and class to your wardrobe. They combine some of the best fabrics and designs from around the world to make perfectly fitted custom wear.

Give yourself the freedom to design your custom-made outfit at Suadre - choosing from over a million combination they provide to enhance your custom wardrobe. 

The fabrics are sourced from around the world and tailored to perfection at their in-house manufacturing hub. 

With a young and energetic team comprising of innovative creators, marketers, design experts, production master & tailors, all based out of their Jaipur Studio. 

At Suadre, they bring to you the latest trends in custom made clothing by providing you fabrics and style options that are kept in mind the upcoming trends. 

Suadre breaks the cliche by their unique Made-to-measure fit option for you men. They understand the need for perfect fitting cloths that fits so well to the extent that it feels like second skin.

Suadre believes in providing custom fit to every customer who is looking for a lifetime experience. Their tailor masters and tailors make sure that they live on their promise. So Go ahead and check for yourself. At Suadre,  fashion is not just a statement,  it's an extension of your personality.

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Address: 2nd Floor, B-9, Roop Vihar, Swez Farms, New Sanganer Road, Jaipur |  09929110231

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