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The new fitness studio MultiFit is running on the idea of Functional Fitness, emphasising on core stability. Primal movement patterns form the foundation of the workouts & exercise programs, helping people to improve mobility restrictions efficiently. High intensity interval training, trains your muscles to help you do everyday activities safely and swiftly, with the guidance of highly qualified trainers. Aids in steady and fast weight loss up to 500-700 calories in one session, strength and stamina building, metabolism boost and helps in achieving health and fitness goals. 
Within a month MultiFit has gained popularity with approx 200 customers already enjoying high intensity workout with encouraging trainers. Trainers are professional and passionate about muscle strength, a display of their robustness is extremely inspiring. Highly learned trainers with degrees from American college of sports and medicine, LSR, Symbiosis, some criminal lawyers and MBA's, some with certification in mountaineering every trainer is qualified and is passionate about sport. The team comprises of national medallist swimmers, basketball players, MMA specialists, passionately making workouts suitable for every person that steps into MultiFit. With smart and dedicated trainers, giving up won't be easy.
A typical gym-goer who has a sedentary lifestyle, may barely move his, or her, body after a machine intensive workout. Traditional push ups, biceps and heavy weight lifts are boring and you eventually start to scarper, and then entirely dispense with gymming. With HIIT, functional fitness and calisthenic workout at MultiFit, you will appear with enthusiasm to the fitness studio, why?  because their is no standard routine, uncertainties of exercise pattern builds excitement for the next workout session. 
We attended a Friday session, named The FRAY. The unusual session names are catchy, creates inquisitiveness about what's in store for you. We begun with unconventional two dimensional functional fitness of 4 different rounds. First round focuses on upper body strength with push ups, dips, medicine ball smashes. The machines are now a thing of the past and rightly so. Now feel the blaze with battle rope smashes, the focus behind these is just pure raw power. The goal of these is to target your explosive energy system while hitting your abs and core. All the rounds have workout that alternates between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less-intense activity or even complete rest. Participants form a group and switch exercises and their equipments, till everyone has completed a set of each exercise. Loud Music complements the intense training.
Lower body workout is the 2nd round comprised of squats, lunges, sledge push in the inbuilt grass section of the gym, hip thrusts, calf lifts in 30 seconds on and 10 seconds off approach. Followed by cardio round with sprints, mountain climber, running in the gym, high knee jumps etc. It is immense fun to exercise with a group of people, every member boasts your morale to perform better. 4th round is a HIIT core building, crunches, planks, v-hold, transferring you into an easier and more athletic lifestyle. In an event of a '6 pack'  the gym doesn't stop you from taking off your shirt! Lastly is a cool down, flexibility round. During the cool down routine you are allowing the blood to properly redistribute itself to the heart, helps avoid fainting or dizziness.
HIIT training uses lots of different exercises and you don’t have time to get bored as these fast and furious workouts challenge you physically and mentally. The science says that a 30-minute HIIT workout is equivalent to around 2.5 hours of traditional exercise. MultiFit also trains international athletes, 55+ age group and provides personal training. HIIT training usually result in big improvements in the body, will leave you feeling and looking younger, inside and out. Join HIIT at MultiFit Today.
Address-1st & 2nd floor, J 34, Subhash Marg, C Scheme
Call- 7414871871

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