The uncontested lassiwala of Jaipur

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A Jaipurite doesn’t have to figure out or search for a place when it comes to quenching their thirst, It’s understood Lassiwala at MI Road will aptly satisfy your quest for a refreshing drink. The store offers its most famous affordable lassi to every genre of crowd, and those who aren’t aware visit the place before afternoon because they are almost sold out by 3:00PM. Hence, we have mentioned lassiwala in this morning post so you have plenty of time before they wind up sales.

The store will be already half sold out 1 hour after sunrise and before you could open your eyes, because most of Jaipurites morning drink is a kulhad full of fresh lassi, and only from Lassiwala at Mi Road operating since 1944. Serving generations with fresh lassi prepared right in front of you, served in kulhad and topped with freshest of cream, Lassiwala is heading strong and plans to last forever.

Many lassiwalas around MI road portray themselves as the famous one, the real shop says lassiwala since 1944 and kishan lal govind naraian Agarwal, we made it easy for you to locate the right lassiwala. Don’t miss on this delightful refreshing lassi and if you are already aware GO get your lassi now, we know you are craving for it!

Lassiwala Since 1944

Address: Near Panch Batti, MI Road

Tags: The uncontested lassiwala of Jaipur, Lassiwala

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