This food truck takes street food to ridiculous new heights!

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Sometimes it’s frustrating to dine at a restaurant- waiting for a table, maintaining decorum, loud music or no music at all! Chaat k Thath the food truck doesn’t just eliminate all these problems, but they also feature some of the best bites to be had! And don’t forget they tend to Taste and Hygiene!

Chaat k thaath is a colorful food truck illuminating with led lights and good tracks to tap your feet to, it’s inescapable to the naked eyes and the ambiance makes sure every passer buy halts to take a deeper look. And once you decide to step out from your car and nibble on at chaath k thaath, the courteous staff, good music, lip smacking food will make you never want to leave. The truck believes in giving pleasurable experience as it counts.

These food truck pioneers have seriously up the Indian street snack game, with a small fresh menu of fancified snacks. Whether you are craving a winter special pav bhaji which ozzes in butter and is spicy to the core, or wickedly good pure desi ghee crispy tikki drizzled with sweet tamarind chutney, this restaurant on wheels is surely better than any sit-down place.

Out of this truck setup, they serve everything from mouth watering puchkas, tangy and spicy aaloo chatt completely delhi style, papadi chaat and lots of other Indian street snacks for you to relish on! Our recommendation is dahi wale gol gappe, puchkas loaded with aloo masala and then filled to the top with sweetened dahi, it’s undoubtedly the best chaat to nibble on.

If you are a fond of Indian street snacks and hygiene is must for you, then look no further! Chaat k Thaath is your savior food truck!

Chaat K Thaath

Address:  4/1, Shivanand Marg, Vidyut Abhiyanta Colony, Sector 4, Malviya Nagar

Call: 7230844888

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