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Jaipur is a treasure trove of history, art and culture. No one who visits or lives in this city is untouched by it. The pink city enchants and provokes the mind to ponder how it must have been to live here in the by gone era. The hills with their majestic forts seem to quietly shout out their story to be heard, to be told. Having visited Albert hall, the City Palace and the various forts a true history buff can never have enough right?? This search led me to discover the Sanjay Sharma Museum & Research Institute located exactly opposite to Jal Mahal. One can easily mistake this place for another historical monument as it is a true example of Jaipur’s fort style architecture but is it much more than that. This museum is a gem, hidden right in plain sight!

What is more surprising is that this museum is a private collection. Started by Shri Ram Kripalu Sharma in 1955 by acquiring 4 Manuscripts. Sixty years later his penchant for collecting and preserving heritage has now led to the creation of one of a kind museum and a leading tourist spot in Jaipur. They have a rich collection of manuscripts covering a variety of topics of ancient literature such as Ayurveda, alchemy, Vedic literature including Samhitas & Upanishads, chemistry, astronomy and so on in various languages viz. Brahmi, Sharada, Persian, Arabic, other Indian languages. Looking at these manuscripts is awe inspiring and make us wonder about the vast depth of knowledge our ancestors had. It houses a melange of paintings each one telling a different story. The Kalams (Schools) of Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota, Mewar Bundi, Tanjore, Hyderabad, Mysore, Mughal, Bengal etc. have been displayed here. Cloth painting of different styles, portraits of Kings and other royals, glass and mica paintings are on display here.

Coming to other artifacts this museum also houses a wide variety of ‘Padukas’ made of different materials viz. silver, wood, ivory and many such others. One can also witness the rich traditional textile work in this museum like Gota, tie and dye, embroidery and zari work. Other patterns from the medieval ages like Sanganeri prints, Kalamkari from Macchalipattam and other embellished textiles from Mughal, Shekawati, Banaras and Mewar style can be seen on display here. Decorative artifacts in wood and terracotta sculptures adorn the halls here.

Definitely a place worth visiting. The USP of this museum is the passion that the owners have for preserving our heritage. One can feel this passion once we enter the museum being escorted by guides who have been clearly given excellent training in their trade. Not only do they give accurate history but also provide a detailed description of each and every piece in the museum making this place a must visit for every person coming to Jaipur. Go ahead and soak in a bit of heritage. 


Address: Opp. Jalmahal, Amer Road, Gujarghati, Parasrampuri, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001
Contact:  096028 31978
Author Credit: Paroma Sharma
Picture Credit: Sanjay Sharma Museum & Research Institute 

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