This Weekend Witness the Magnificence of Aravalli Hills!

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If you are up for an early morning climb up the stairs to the hill top, this is the place.  Away from the hustle bustle of the city, plan a trip to this incredibly beautiful location which is 18km from Jaipur city. This place will set you rolling as you reach at the top of it. The view from CHULGIRI is absolutely rewarding and adventurous.

Chulgiri has various picturesque views that are more than enough to beguile you completely and book your weekend. This place totally shakes off all the negative vibes and changes your mood.  With so much of flora around you are sure to feel refreshed. The ride up to this beautiful place is adventurous as wildlife also exists here.

This place is encompassed by Aravalli Hills and it has a motorable road for you to reach there but try climbing the stairs if you are going early morning because then you will enjoy the beautiful vegetation around on your way up there. It is heaven when it's raining and one of the best picnic spot. With such a dense jungle around, hilly area and widespread bushes, people taking care of it always talks about the panther who lives there with its family. So, it’s a little unsafe to go there on a two-wheeler at night.

The major trait of this place is its Jain Temple which consists of a magnificent 21 foot tall idol of Mahaveer Swami and other 24 Thirthankar’s statues carved in white stone. In the month of May they organize a major festival to celebrate their religion.

Another attraction is Ghat ki Guni tunnel which comes on the way to Chulgiri and will also leave you wonderstruck from the top of it. An open view of the civilization around and a beautiful tunnel with a lot of fresh air will pull you to this place again and again.

If you wish to come in the evening, stay for an amazing sunset view from Chulgiri. To see this breathtaking visual treat, plan a weekend with friends, gather memories and get a close view with nature.

Address: Agra Road, Ghat Ki Guni, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302002

Author and Picture Credit: Shruti Gupta


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