Tiny Wonders.. A Miniature Garden Store

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Don’t give up on that dream garden and landscape just cause you live in a matchbox apartment. Scale it down to fit into a single quirky planter for home sweet {and tiny} home.

'Tiny Wonders.. A Garden Store' will create a mini garden and landscape in a single planter for your sweet home.

Started by Prabha Saraogi Agarwal (A passionate plant lover and a loving mom), Tiny Wonders will have you sorted with a personalized mini garden that’ll spruce up your space.

A brand that specializes in miniature gardens, splurge on everything from terrariums to succulents in mason jars.

These amazing miniature succulents can withstand all types of weather conditions and yet, come up as a warrior in their peak season. They teach you how to be patient.

The personalized handmade mini garden accessories like the mini lawn chair, a tea table with coffee cups, mini ponds in your mini gardens or even little birds perched on your plant’s branches look so adorable that can melt any heart. And the best part is that these tiny wonders start just from INR 150.

They customize as well, so throw all your ideas their way and they’ll create a mini garden just for you.

Contact: 97843 91160

Address: 26/27, SMS Colony, Block "B", Maharani Farm, Durgapura, Adjacent to Surya Mahal Lawn, Jaipur

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