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Jaipur is a heaven for Non Vegetarians, we have the blessing of always being divine when it comes to non veg food-  laal maas, chicken tikka or fish, a super succulent dish is assured whether you visit a restaurant, café or local vendor. We listed the veterans in takeaway business, those who have satisfied your taste buds for years.


We can’ think of a better starter than Chicken Tikka and Old Take away is the joint that pop’s in every Jaipurites head when in need of flavorsome Chicken Tikka. We eagerly wait throughout the day for those soft, juicy, marinated, boneless chicken to be grilled over red hot coal; the cravings are finally put to end at 5:30pm as Old Take away starts punching bills. Within few minutes of placing your order, freshly grilled chicken tikka will be packed with onions and mint chutney, a deadly combination? Indeed! Sorry if we have encouraged some strong craving, don’t resist just drop by Old Take away Shop No. 151.

SARDAR JI, Near Ramada

Sardar ji’s cart doesn’t have a fancy display, it’s rather un-named and still keeps on growing to fame via mouth publicity; this popular cart can be spotted in a secluded corner near Ramada, driving Jaipur crazy with mouth watering fish fry. Marinated fish is fried till crispy and then thrown in a bowl of masala adding a lot of tang and spiciness, served with mint chutney and onions, these are good as starters or appetizers. Just pop them boneless delicacies in your mouth one by one and lose yourself in the heaven of flavors. Tempted much? Wait for a while as Sardar ji starts frying from evening.



A Sunday evening in Jaipur households is celebrated over unarguably the most famous dish of Rajasthan- Laal maas, for some it has become a custom and rest can’t get enough of the fiery red mutton curry. A true version of this local cuisine is prepared by Suryavansham, characterized with bold red color from the Mathania red Chillies and spicy tang, this “red meat” is the reason why locals flock at the joint every evening to put an end to their laal maas yearnings.  Sinfully spicy dish is best for takeaways and Suryavansham is pretty good at smooth packing and swift order deliveries, classic taste is guaranteed.

If you haven’t been to the above for scrumptious takeaways, then go today and enjoy a satisfactory meal, we bet you won’t be disappointed.

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