Were You Also Missing The Real Taste Of Dishes In Cafes Now-

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We are treating you!! 
Yes, you have heard it right... We are Treating You To Delectable Food Virtually By Recommending This Amazing Cafe "Buddy's Cafe"!!

This cafe is not just full of variety but also with dishes which taste as they should be. Nothing fancy, just the right amount of balanced ingredients, decent garnishing, and warm vibes.

We tried almost a buffet of dishes but loved their dessert range. I don't remember when was the last time I tasted such a fluffy pancake and waffle. And the varieties of fruity dips they serve with each of their desserts is simply mind-boggling.

If you call yourself a dessert person, you have to try their Berries Affair Waffle, Blueberry Cream Pancake and Banana, and Caramel Cream Crepe.

Thank us later 

"Buddy's Cafe"

Address: Mahima's Trinity Mall, First floor, Plot No.5, Swage Farm 302019
Jaipur, Rajasthan

Contact: ‎+91 141 400 5504

Tags: Were You Also Missing The Real Taste Of Dishes In Cafes Now-Days!

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