Cheat Meals Made Healthy at This South Kolkata Cafe!

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No Junktion Bistro is that dream fulfillment on the part of every Junk food lover as this concept health food cafe serves Junk food without that dose of extra calories. This cafe indeed comes as a blessing to the city patrons who can keep on munching their favourite pizzas, burgers and also desserts that is made healthy to be precise. 

Their exclusivity also lies in the fact that they deal with diabetics, heart patients, cholesterol, hypertensive ones, obesity and expectant mothers. Their Consultant Clinical Nutritionist- Ms. Juhi Mimani helps them tailor the menu according to the specific health conditions. 

They feature everything on the menu, from pasta, pizza, burgers, burritos, risottos, salads and delicious desserts that are made in the no Junk way. Ingredients like Quinoa, tofu, tuna are all purchased fresh and they don’t use any ingredient that is canned.

All the items are whole wheat, multigrain, brown rice that happens to be alterable for all health conditions. Small changes have been incorporated to keep the trend of healthy junk food happen, like a burger generally comes with high calorie French fries and a dip. At No Junktion Bistro you get to relish this high calorie Burger in a no junk manner which strictly uses bread that is multigrain and the cheese used is low fat, the fries are made from sweet potato and the ketchup is replaced with their homemade hummus. This is that paradise for the foodies where cheat meals aren’t a luxury anymore but a regular thing. 

 Binge eat at No Junktion Bistro and keep your health in check even then!

Address: No Junktion Bistro, 49A Purna Das Road, Next to Tero Parbon, Kolkata-700029.

Contact: 9999838531

Written by: Sudeshna Raychaudhari

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