Classy Sneakers Under Rs 700 at these Shoe Shops!

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Shoes are the impeccable part of a woman's life. It plays a pivotal role to uplift a woman's mood, confidence and changes the ways she looks at things. And it is not only us, all the women out there believe in the same. While a comfortable shoe is the most sought after, fashion and price tag can not be ignored at the same time. Now matching your shoes with your dresses, checking if they fit your foot and pocket both - can be a very tiring deal, especially when all the shops are flooded with people completing their last minute Durga Puja shopping.

The most stylish ones are here! Where? In Metro Plaza, of course. Metro Plaza is 'the' go to destination for the fashionistas over the year. From sleepers to sandals, stilettos to ballerinas, mojaris to sneakers - this stand alone shopping mall has all that you want.

Non branded yet nothing less than branded, Metro Plaza shoes are stylish, trendy and most importantly very pocket-friendly. In this three storey mall, the top most floor has almost 50 stalls that sell shoes in bulk every day. The age group of the regulars here, varies from as young as 10 to as veteran as 60. These make shift wonder stalls are serving all three generations of ladies in Kolkata.

The starting range is as low as Rs 100 for which you may get nice colourful slippers. The next slab is Rs 200-250, for this much you get almost every thing - bellies, sandals, casual slip ons etc. If you are looking for some stylish sneakers then the budget might go up a little, but won't exceed Rs 700 for anything. Very much in trend these days, the mirror worked chappals are available for Rs 300-350, remember all the prices depend on your bargaining skills.

Metro Plaza is the place where you get style without burning a hole in your pocket, but if you are expecting a 'tikao' chappal then let us be frank and tell you that no these shoes or chappals are not as durable as the branded ones.

You are always open to bargain, you never know, you might get too lucky to buy something for half the price that your friend paid for the same stuff!

Metro plaza shops have almost similar collections everywhere, so first take a full round and do a recce and then go for purchasing.
Wear your shoes, check the fit, and don't forget to get a card from the very shop.

Address: 1, Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Midleton Row, Kolkata - 700071, Near Tata Center
Contact: +(91)-33-30525473, 30525474, 22883802

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