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'Roshogolla' - the obsession with this one single word had grown so much so that two states Odisha and Bengal which always maintained a cordial relationship, had become each other's biggest enemy. While the whole country awaited the verdict of 'Akhir roshogolla hai kiska', there's this woman sitting at her south Kolkata flat in a high rise building, conquered the whole foodgasmic powers involved with roshogollas.

She is Swati Saraf, owner of Flavours of Rasgolla. Swati has curated more than 170 flavours of this authentic Bengali sweet. And the variations can actually blow your mind. Along with various fruity flavours like strawberry, apple, orange, pineapple, she has come with unusual flavours like, Chilli, paanipuri, karela, clove and kiwi as well. If you think that is it, think twice because Swati is constantly mixing and matching flavours and has surprised her customers with a wide range of chocolate and alcohol infused roshogollas too! Swati also claims that by the end of this year she will be able to introduce 80 more types of roshogollas.

Swati is basically a home based chef and catering manager. She takes orders for parties and invitations in three days advance and claims to have prepared 3000 roshogollas per day on her own. By now, you must be wanting to know how did she come up with such an amazing idea, we asked her and to which she told us that the sorry state of roshogollas in present time has made her opt for some healthier route to this most authentic sweet of Bengal. It was when she was invited to many functions and wedding where she found people are abandoning this sweet due to various lifestyle diseases these days. Thus, Swati's roshogollas are less sweet and made of mostly natural ingredients like fruit pulps, original herb juices and all organic-no-chemical colours. The fruity roshogollas are quite popular among the mommies as it is easier to convince their kids to have them, afterall what they are having have only the goodness of fruits and protein of chenna,

Each of Swati's roshogollas are priced between Rs 20 and 30. You can order through her FB page or can directly call and get in touch. Swift Swati is always available on phone and is pretty hyper active. Also, if you are planning to pack a gift box for friends, relatives and colleagues before this Durga Puja, we highly recommend Swati's roshogolla gift boxes, an amazingly packaged box with assorted roshogollas.

Contact: 9007279284

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