Feast Up Super Thrifty at this Feast Street this Weekend!

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Have you ever wondered that how will Mughlai dishes taste when they are served in sizzler style? Yes, this dish Bharwan Tangri which is a stuffed tandoori drumstick (stuffing made with finely minced paneer keema) coming all the way from the kitchen to our tables ending our wait to begin the flavoursome journey.

This charming restaurant has boldly taken a corner in Lake Gardens area, ready to compete with the other eateries there. The most amazing aspect of this joint is that the Mughlai dishes are so light in the pocket. One might doubt the quality of their dishes but since you can afford to try, Feast Street is surely not letting anyone down.

Their Ghost Bhuna among other mutton dishes is a must try, it just goes so well with the garlic naan. Don’t be surprised if you find the portions just right and the dish just too yummy after seeing the price tag which it holds. 

If you prefer rice over bread then the Gulnar Deg Biryani (a rice preparation with an equal blend of carrots, paneer, mutton/chicken)is a must try. The dish cooked in the traditional “dum” style, with the edges of handi carefully sealed with dough, is slow cooked to prevent and meat and rice from overcooking. This is served with Burhani (the famous Bangladeshi spiced yougurt drink) complimentarily. 

Doner Kabab rolls cooked traditionally in Rotisserie style (meat skewered and roasted) are available when you want something quick and light. Coming to something quick, this very Mughlai joint has probably experimented as they have a section of snacks with the quote ‘late for lunch and early for dinner’ where we are given to choose from only four dishes; three being Delhi chicken fried dishes and this very familiar Chole Bhature.

Where this new joint, which already has the netizens queuing for reservations, scores, is its pocket-friendly options. At a time when fine diners and high-end restaurants almost burn a hole in your pockets, this quirky place with amazing doodles, food-specific one-liners and wall paintings will let you yearn for more. 

There is a small waiting area outside the restaurant where one can sit and say book one's cab while the not so spacious joint keeps getting more people inside, feasting on larger than life Mughlai experience.

Address: 188/13, Ground Floor, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Lake Gardens, Kolkata
Cost for two: Rs 700

Author Credit: Raunaq Borah

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