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The progeny of Fatty Bao, earlier well established only in the cities of Mumbai and Banglore, has just taken a spot in the 8th floor of Fort Knox at Camac Street, one level below the Monkey Bar, owned by the same man as the newly arrived Asian joint, in the City of Joy.

Well, one might win the attitude to the fact that at one’s pleasure one would like to work out to burn those extra calories in order to eat those fatty baos. Now why baos? Can’t we order one? No, because the concept of this Izakaya shop (as they call it) is to serve food in smaller portions. That means yes, forget the thought of how much portions would be served but how much should be ordered plate after plate of delightful food.

Fried Fish Tempura Bhetki with Siracha mayonnaise and pickled cucumber is a fatty bao (Chinese bread roll which is steamed or pan-seared) dish which is highly recommended among other delicious baos made with pork, beef chicken and greens. 

 Newcomers may be nervous ordering some of the more daring dishes like the Fatty Bao PB&J (imported pork belly, cooked twice) Smoked Siriracha Pork Spare Ribs (Colombian imported pork ribs with pomegranate and papaya salad) and the Char Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Nahm Prik Noom (a Thai dip) but soon after having whose with couple of drinks (as the custom goes) or without the alcohol one’s tongue is surely to be found in the state of euphoria.

But vegans are in for a treat too, as the very enthusiastic Chef Biswas, who didn't mind sparing a few minutes for a quick chat said that their signature dish itself is the Vegetables in Spicy Chinese Garlic Sauce (with Bok Choy, scallions and seasonal greens) that goes so up to par along with the Jasmine Sticky Rice. The coconut does the trick inside the mouth, and the best here is that veg dishes are a little light on the pocket.

Want more of flavors’ after having gulped down those dishes in the end? Then think of Cocoa Caramel which is again served in a small portion but the mixture of cream, hazelnut paraline crisp, tossed meringue and salted caramel with salted caramel ice cream, fused and served will vanish your thought of not being the one-plate-type dish. As mentioned above, you can be inspired to stay fit after bowing to this two weeks old Fatty.

The view of the busy city below makes one feel so drifted in peace. One can feel their senses soaked into the warmth of the place which changes its color as time ticks. To be specific, one can see the Victoria Memorial as you glaze outside, they all will be waiting for your next visit.

Address: 801 A, Fort Knox, Camac Street, Elgin, Kolkata, West Bengal.
Author and Picture Credit: Raunaq Borah


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