Smack Your Lips with 45+ Flavours of Puchkas this Eatery!

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Located at one of the narrow bylanes of Golf Green The Puchka Parlour offers nearly fifty flavours of Phuchkas including exclusive off-beat crazy flavours like spicy ice cream flavours, to that of chatpata chicken, to savoury Alphanso delight, or addictive Chocolate Tease for the matter.

The Phuchka Parlour was started five months back as an initiative on part of Ishita Roy, who happens to have completed her graduation in Economics from Jadavpur University. With the vision to use her knowledge of economics in the business sector, she opted to go in for a start up that would be her own. It was through this endeavour called The Phuchka Parlour that she wanted to give the humble Phuchka the limelight that it ideally deserves. Rather than pushing it away as 'just another item' in a long menu in most outlets, she instead opted to make it the hero of her startup. 

The Phuchka Parlour talks of unconventional take on this basic street food that is served with potato fillings with exclusive flavoured toppings. You are to find a range of ice cream Phuchkas at her parlour that is served with spicy Ice creams exclusively made for this flavour. There is the chatpata chicken Phuchka that gives you that tangy taste or the Mayo flavour that leaves you with a creamy aftertaste. With more than fifty such uncommon flavours to its credit like Pineapple, Aloordum, etc.,The Phuchka Parlour talks of this exclusive endeavor and has colourful interiors that are done with fun posters.

The Phuchka Parlour’s most popular items also include Katori Chaats which come with savoury edible baskets that can be enjoyed along with the chaat served inside it. These innovations in the flavours of Phuchkas and chaats that they serve are completely delectable without any doubt to be precise. Mouthwatering taste, innovative varieties and no compromise on the hygiene define the essence of The Phuchka Parlour. Unlike the oily fragile Phuchkas that are easily available, theirs are made primarily of suji and fried in sunflower oil in order to make it more healthy and crispy. 

Don’t forget to visit this one-of-its-kind eatery in the city for an array of mouth-watering delights!

Address: The Phuchka Parlour, 8/7 Bijoygarh, (near 234 bus stand, Golf Green), Kolkata, West Bengal 700032.

Contact: 8981308079



Written by: Sudeshna Raychaudhari

Tags: the puchka parlour

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