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Are you guys tired of the freak shakes? Are you craving of trying something simple yet refreshing? Then sit back, relax and refresh yourself at Shake Shop, the newly opened shop at Lokhandwala complex, Andheri West. They have amazing gourmet milkshakes with everything natural and no synthetic products in thirty-six flavours at a great price. 

The most interesting thing which I really loved about this place is that they serve shakes with no ice-creamy taste and with real fruit and no fruit syrup, with real hazelnut chocolate crushed and not the hazelnut paste. You’ll also get smoothies in Greek Yogurt and protein scoop, to make sure you get enough protein in your day.

 Everything there is served in a unique bottle with the airlock lid with no straws keeping the safety towards health and the environment in mind. The another best thing I liked is none of the shakes have an added sugar.  

Also, Shake Shop serves Chocolate milkshakes in 3 different bases. There are three different chocolate bases to choose from – dark, milk, white. You can order each of these flavours as a classic which is the plain chocolate version.  People who love dark chocolate are going to flip out at the dark selection. It’s the real thing! Plus there are really exciting blends to choose from in each category in three different sizes that are small, big and huge. These shakes are freshly made which takes five to seven minutes and the process of being made can be seen by the customers.

What you simply not miss here is the hazelnut cookie crunch and strawberry & kiwi which is a frooshie. If you aren’t satisfied yet and want to go for something unrepeated then do check out their real fruit based shakes and cake based shakes. 

If you’re looking for some amazing time to spend or catch up with your friend and if your sole objective is to talk and have fun, then this is a cool place to be!

Address: Shop 4, Nebula Co-operative Housing Society Ltd, Andheri Lokhandwala, Andheri West
Contact: 022 6050 7888

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/shakeshop.in/

Author credit : Meha Goswami Mandavia
Image credit : Shake Shop

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