40+ Varieties of Delicious Dosas at this Eatery in Ghatkopar

Cuisines: South Indian

Filters: Vegetarian Only

Attributes: Street Food, Cart, Food Truck, Food Bike

Ghatkopar is the epitome of quirky vegetarian food. Its Khau Galli is every foodie’s paradise. And while there are innumerable stalls and dishes to try here, one of the most quirky stalls that caught our attention recently is ‘Sai Swad Dosa’. 

This one’s not your ordinary Dosa stall. The crowd surrounding this stall will tell you there’s something special about this place.  It has around 30 customers standing around the stall at one time waiting for their plate of Dosa, that too on a weekday. On weekends be prepared to wait for over 40 minutes to get your hands on one of the 40+ quirky variants of Dosas.

Jini Dosa is one of the most highly recommended and popular Dosas here, it is a Jain Dosa that does not have onion or garlic and yet tastes heavenly. Shredded vegetables, chunks of paneer and some delicious green chutney are cooked and mashed together rolled and topped with some sprinkled cheese to change all your perceptions about Jain food. Other non-jain and popular variants include, Maggi Cheese Dosa, Manchurian Pasta Dosa, and American Chopsuey Dosa. 

While patiently waiting for our Dosa and watching those 8 superheroes at work (Yes, they have 8 Tava’s and 8 men cooking non-stop on each) we experienced Foodporn in its truest form. Watching the Chocolate Cheese Dosa being prepared gave us multiple foodgasm. As the bottle of Nutella came out and a dollop of it fell on the Dosa, we suddenly went weak in our knees. If that wasn’t enough calories it was then topped with some grated cheese. All of this for just INR 170.

If you’re someone who loves street food and calories as much as we do, this place is highly recommended. All you need to practice before visiting this place is PATIENCE!

Summary of Sai Swad Dosa:
Quirky Dosas- Anywhere between 130 & 170
Foodporn- Priceless!

Author and Picture Credit: Sanya Hamdani

Tags: dosas, chocolate dosa

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