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When was the last time you took a walk around the city in the embrace of ancient buildings and bustling city crowds? If you are an admirer of art and architecture, you would feel overwhelmed as the walls recite memories; and the buildings reveal telltales; those, which in daily life are deafened by the honks of motorbikes and the clamour of unending To-Do-Lists. In such circumstances, little do we know or notice the fine architectural nuances left behind by history. But here's your chance to know all of that with a workshop happening on 8th and 9th July on Comic Art at Spring Fields Restaurants, Dattapada Road, Borivali.

Meet  Architails, a Mumbai-based group of explorers that have set out on a journey to capture secret spells, mesmerizing moments and inspiring ideas about the age-old buildings and their bijou designs. Architails comprises a group of five people that organizes heritage walks, workshops and events in Mumbai. They also share their ideas in the social world of Facebook and Instagram. 

In association with the Leewardists which is the comic hub for narrating stories of discovery and architecture, Architails is presenting a fun-filled two-day workshop called 'The Leewardists - Architecture and Comics'. This workshop will help learners explore the ways of portraying ideas gathered over heritage walks, classes, and events, through a series of comic slates and characters. 

Given the plethora of opportunities in the space of social media for creating and sharing such comic artistry, this workshop is an absolute requisite for artists, story-tellers, students and architects that want to indulge in the art of comic writing. 

The workshop will be led by Founder and CEO of Leewardists, Anuj Kale; Anuj has been depicting niche and sarcastic story snippets from the domain of architecture and urban design through his comics since the past six years.

By getting the participant familiarized with the usage of shapes, motifs, colours and more, the workshop is expected to be an eye-opener. The session will be conducted on 8th and 9th of July, 2017. The cost of registration, including refreshments for students, is INR 999 and for professionals is INR 1299. Stationary supply such as pencils, markers, A3 sized drawing pads, and colors need to be carried by the participants, along with their ID Proof. 

If you are a designer or comic-holic; or an explorer that wants to understand the play of art and architectural experiences in comics, sign up for this workshop via the Architails facebook page, pay online and await a weekend of fun, exploration and creation. 

Date: 8th and 9th July
Timings: 8 AM to 4 PM
Address: Spring Fields Restaurants, Dattapada Road, Borivali, Mumbai. 
Contact: Amey Dalvi 9833976340 

Author Credit: Himali Kelvekar


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