Attend an Exhibition by Artist who Paints with Hands, Leg!

This week Mumbai is hosting an art exhibition by an artist who can draw with both his hands and a leg. Make sure to visit Nehru Centre Art gallery before 31st July to see his phenomenal work.

Rabin Bar from Assam also holds two world records: one for painting 30 sketches in 2X3 foot paper in three minutes and the other for using his both hands and leg to pain on three different canvases simultaneously and completing them in only three minutes. Bar has published 45 books on art.

The exhibition will showcase his works themed on the realities of life. Some of his artwork presented in this show will include his expressions on rains, fulfillment of desire, love, sanctity of love and its relevance, spiritual and emotional attachment between lovers.

With a combination of bright colors and new techniques, Bar’s work brought out sensitive human emotions on canvas.

Go check out his work this week and prepare to be mesmerized by what an artist’s hands, or in this case hands and a leg, can create.

Where: Nehru Centre Art gallery,Dr A B Road, Worli
Dates: July 25 to 31
11am to 7pm

Author Credit: Ankita Sengupta

Tags: painting

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