Attend this Showcase of Uncanny Explorations at Colaba!

Creative minds always find some inspiration in the mundane daily life and make it interesting. To trigger the human mind, eminent Mumbai - based photographer, Shahid Datawala brings to you two series of his work where he explores amusement in everyday objects. TARQ, a Colaba art gallery is presenting Shahid Datawala’s intriguing photo series from this season till 5th August 2017. The two series that make up the exhibition - "Half Naked Nude" and "Unstill Life" - come together in their common theme of an exploration of the uncanny in everyday objects. 

Half Naked Nude is the product of exploration and scavenging along the Vaitharna coast during the monsoon of 2015. The detritus of human habitation left behind by the sea and embedded in the dense, oil-spill choked sand along the coast of Maharashtra caught Datawala’s eye and became his inspiration for this body of work. He began noticing extraordinary, sensuous forms in the refuse left behind by the urging force of the sea. Long forgotten pieces of fabric or plastic, swallowed, churned and spat out by the sea, have been given a second life through Datawala’s lens. ‘Half Naked Nude’ creates an unsettling yet exciting sensation of a human presence by bringing alive the debris left behind by human habitation.

‘Unstill Life’ (2016) on the other hand, was created in a domestic milieu, though it continues in a similar vein of unearthing the potential of an alternate meaning in the material existence of objects. Interestingly, 90% of the objects were all available inside Datawala’s home where he started experimenting with patterns, colours and mixing unusual articles together to create a masterpiece. Datawala wanted to keep both the photo series raw and pure and hence refrained them from any retouching experiments. He kept all the shots in their natural form and that’s what makes these projects memorable. 

Get a taste of these photo projects and grab some behind the lens stories, straight from the creator, Shahid Datawala on Saturday, July 8 at 4.30 at TARQ, Colaba. Get an exclusive walk - through these photo series and learn about its fascinating inspiration and documenting the process.

You can visit TARQ at Colaba till 5th of August to feast your eyes with some unique photo series by Shahid Datawala.

Address - F35/36 Dhanraj Mahal, C.S.M. Marg, Apollo Bunder, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

Contact - 022 6615 0424

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Author Credit: Shraddha Bhanushali

Picture Credit: Shahid Datawala.

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