Been to this Wonderland of Paper Craft at Khar yet?

Do you believe in magic? There are magic lands that transport you to another world. You feel mesmerized, surprisingly beautiful, extremely magical & so on. Sky Goodies is the one place that mesmerizes you with its warmth and beauty of gifting.

Tiny piano, mini gramophone & an auto-rickshaw all made of paper greets you at the entrance of Sky Goodies shop. The moment you enter in, you’re transported to the world of paper crafts.

Who would have thought a matchbox sized gift box can be used for keeping visiting cards? Or tiny paper-piano can be turned into a daily calendar making every day a musical note?

One glance at these quirky, extremely refreshing paper products and you fall in love with paper again. Gifting is an art of love. It expresses your emotions touching the core of your loved ones’ heart. Paper cannot be replaced with e-card not at least when you’re at Sky Goodies shop.

Every product is handmade. The Do-It-Yourself paper craft range has a gramophone, typewriter, piano, mini flower pot, truck container, to mushroom and almost every imaginable design.

Every product wrapped in vibrant color reflects Indian elements in terms of our culture or daily life. An auto-rickshaw is a live example that reflects our Indian transport or a typewriter that take you back in the era of those golden centuries.

Each paper product uses all kind of whims and fancies which make it more personalized and an intriguing one.

Sky Goodies has Do-It-Yourself and Customized Gifts sections. You can find a wide range of products including planners, calendars, pocket diaries, handmade paper gifts & much more. 

Pocket diaries come with unique knot with designs like one of those you had once on the deck of cards. Those matchbox-designed gift boxes are not only unique in nature but you’ll love the magic of fire that usually the matchbox carries.

After looking at these refreshingly unique products, I am sure paper is certainly not going out of fashion but rather will keep coming back with a lot of interesting twists & turns!

It’s your chance to surprise your loved one to gift any of these paper products & let them fancy about the paper whatever way they want, so get going to Sky Goodies!

Author and Picture Credit: Sheetal Mhaske


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